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What are some of the benefits of the Futures team?

-Greater opportunities to take part in the college recruiting process via summer tournament play.

-Cost-effective playing opportunities.

-Support in the college selection process even if a player does not end up playing lacrosse in college.

-Continue skills development at a higher level.

-Strengthening the Holy Cross team and community through the mind, body, spirit philosophy.

-A more consistent coaching philosophy while at the same time exposing players to advance skills provided by a diverse coaching staff .

-Focus on the whole player, the "student athlete" .

-To further foster our Christian faith and values through the extension of our high school.

-To stress the importance of being part of a team over individualism.

-Player opportunities to participate in recruiting camps and invite-only camps.

What if I'm new to Lacrosse but I expect to play on the HS team in the spring?

If you are just starting and learn the sport then playing in tournaments may not the best for you. Instead you may will want to attend some summer camps or clinics.

What are the fees?

-Our fees are determined by the number of players and the tournaments we attend.

-Total fees are not due at time of registration but a deposit is required.

-Every player needs to be a member of USLacrosse, a $40.00 annual fee. Please register at See the registration page for more information on cost.

What if my son is on a summer select team already?

Although we would encourage all members of the Holy Cross lacrosse team be on the summer futures team, it is fine if a player is already a member or becomes a member of one of our local select club tournament teams. If a player wishes to be on both teams, efforts can be made to accommodate this. Please still fill out the registration form and put a note on the comments section indicating that your son is on a club team.

What if my son does not go to Holy Cross?

Players from outside the Holy Cross program may also register for the team. Please email Coach Steel if you are interested in playing on the team.

What is included?

-Opportunity to attend nationally recognized tournaments


-Recruiting Seminars

-Practice Equipment

-Field time


Who will be on the coaching staff?

The coaching staff will be made up of the high school coaching staff, alumni college players, and other specialty coaches. One of the goals of the program is to expose the player to an exceptional coaching experience.

Are there tryouts and who can sign up?

Our goal is to avoid tryouts and encourage as many boys as possible to play. The program is open to all returning Holy Cross players and all incoming freshman players.

What kind of commitment is required?

The team will have practices during the week leading up to tournaments. It is very important that the player makes a full commitment to the team and his teammates. As a result practices and attendance are mandatory.

What is the communications process and who can I contact?

-All necessary information regarding tournaments, hotels, roster, and contact information will be posted at this web site.

-A mandatory player and parent introductory meeting will take place prior to the start of the summer season.

-Be sure that when you register, you enter player and parent cell phone numbers. Texting will be used for last minute notification.

How do I sign-up?

Fill out the on-line registration form found at this web site

Do I have to be a member of US Lacrosse?

Yes. All members of the team need to be members of US Lacrosse. There is a $40.00 annual fee. Please register at